About us

What is FdC?

The association of Forró de Colônia consists of a colorful and mixed group of happy dancers who are in love with Forró. We would like to inspire other people for this dance and music to make Forró more popular. In Cologne, Aachen, Bonn and Duisburg (and soon again Essen) we give dancing classes and organize concerts as well as workshops with bands and teachers from all over Europe and also Brazil.

Our unique highlight of every year is the Forró de Colônia Festival that always takes place in October: Days of workshops, parties and concerts with up to 500 participants from all over the world. Forró not only connects people of all ages and nationalities, it also sparks plenty of joy and vitality that quickly gets you hooked.

Come to our classes to look and see yourself! We are always happy about new people who want to spread the joy of Forró! The association provides the possibility to get yourself involved and also realize new ideas!

Here you can find more information about the association FdC.

Who is FdC?

Although Forró de Colônia e. V. has a board (elected at the association assembly), the association lives from the contribution of the whole community, members and non members, who organize and help.

You want to become an active part of the association? Join us in our projects! Talk to us personally or e-mail us at orgateam@forrodecolonia.com.

Get more info on how your contribution and our reward system works here.