What is Forró?

Forró de Colônia Party

Forró (Forró Pé de Serra) is a style of music and dance which originated from the culture of the northeast of Brazil. A vivid and divers music that developed from the 50ies spreading into a nationwide Brazilian phenomenon. The zabumba, sanfona and triangle belong to the typical three instruments. This partner dance is not only easy to learn but also brings a lot of happiness. No matter if you are dancing a slow Xote or a quick Baiao, the Forró steps leave a lot of room for individuality and creativity. Due to its flowing movements and the catchy rhythms, Forró easily puts you under its spell. You can get a first impression here.

Forró became very popular not only in Brazil but has also inspired many people in Europa. Here the scene hat been growing constantly ever since. By now you can find Forró classes and festivals in almost every big European city. The Forró group in Freiburg created a good overview of all the upcoming festivals. In Germany you can find Forró not only in Cologne, Aachen and Essen but also in Berlin, Hamburg, Aachen, Düsseldorf, Münster, Mannheim/Heidelberg, Karlshruhe, Stuttgart, Munich, Freiburg, Ulm, …

Photo: Sneganna F.