Our Managing Board

Get to know the people in the Board of the Association and their working fields.

From left to right: Giselli, Jonathan, Andrea, Luise, Sven, Carolina



Giselli Galli

As a representative of our Association, I am the communication channel between FdC and other organizations, Forró communities across Europe, as well as schools, groups and cultural associations, etc. I also have the goal of spreading the Forró culture in our Community.

Forró is much more than music and dance. It carries the culture of an entire nation! And I’m ready to bring you a little (or a lot) of Forró and Brazil! Let me know if you have any cultural projects or are interested in partnering with us. We are open to new ideas and engaged people!

Our culture is more alive than ever! And you – here “on the other side of the world” – are part of this story. Let’s brighten up our beautiful Forró together!


Vice Presidency

Carolina Kiesel

From the huge Festival, the smaller Marathon, themed or regular parties to one-time workshops – I love to coordinate the FdC event calender to keep all FdC-Forrózeir@s dancing! Let me know if you have ideas and want to support the organization of such events. Let’s bring in amazing musicians, DJs and teachers!

You are a Forró artist and want to work with us? Let’s try to organize something!


Vice Presidency Finance

Jonathan Leitenberger

Where there is dancing, there are locations, bands, teachers etc. to be paid. Managing the association’s budget, monitoring income and expenses, creating financial reports are some of my tasks. I also work to ensure that we comply with all financial laws and regulations. I am very interested in making the finances of the association transparent, so that all members can see how the association’s finances are used and am always open to questions or suggestions you may have.


Vice Presidency Administration

Luise Göbel

Do you want to know how to join FdC or you’re already a member and need some help? You can count on me for any matter related to your membership (e.g. registrations, association fees, etc.) or participation. To better attend your need as a member, I am more than glad to get your feedback and ideas how to make FdC even more attractive.

One of my goals in the Board of FdC is to spread the happiness I have with Forró and the association with more people and increase our lovely Forrózeir@s-community. You can expect fun actions to reach this goal. 😉

You wanna become a member? Contact me on members@forrodecolonia.com


Vice Presidency Public Relations / Marketing

Andrea Jacobs

Andy is making sure that you’re informed about events and more through our website and social media channels. Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and join the FdC Whatsapp or Telegram groups, so you don’t miss a thing.



The work in the association is not done only by the board, but also needs the support of all members. Be active in the association and help us to shape it! Please contact us via e-mail to orgateam@forrodecolonia.com or contact us directly and let us know which area you would like to get to know better / support.