FdC-Teacher Basic Training

If you found your way to this page, probably you think about taking part of the FdC Teacher Basic Training. Here is the important information about it:

What is this FdC Teacher Basic Training?
The FdC-Teacher Basic Training (FdC-TBT) was developed to guide interested people on getting an overview of the abilities and competences to become a Forró Teacher as well to get some assisted experience on the field to better support the self development and the decision on becoming a Forró Teacher. This is also designed to systematically prepare new teachers by giving dancers the required skills and tools to become a teacher. It also sets a minimum standard for becoming a teacher in the FdC.


Who can join the FdC-TBT?
Experienced Forró dancers that:
– think about becoming a Forró Teacher
– are able to take both roles on the dance
– has experience with Forró classes, workshops and festivals
– are FdC members (if you’re still not, that’s a good opportunity to join us! ;))


How is it going to happen?
The FdC-TBT includes 3 modules (a block of inputs) and is complemented by a mentorship and co-training (self-organized).
Module 1: Methods and planning the class
Module 2: Effective delivery
Module 3: Defining my style and development plan
Mentorship and co-training: You have the freedom to choose whom you want to work with on this.


If you have interest in participating, contact us on orgateam@forrodecolonia.com.


Disclaimer: this is not a Forró, but a Forró teaching course. The new perspective can bring dancers to a whole new level and improve their dance but you should bring dance experience to better follow the defined pace for this short .
After completing the TBT you’re not becoming automatically a FdC-Teacher, but if you wish so we welcome you to talk with us about it.
We are not trying to be perfect, but to get things done. You’re welcome to try this format with us and give a feedback to make it better for the future.