Free Dancing

Please support our association by becoming a member or donating a few Euros for Free Dancing! Thank you!


Sundays 20:00-21:30 in Bürgerhaus Stollwerck, Dreikönigenstraße 23, 50678 Köln, Room 302 or outdoors

Tuesdays 19:30-21:30 Kennedy-Ufer 2, outdoors


Mondays 21:00-23:00 in Raststätte, Lothringerstraße 23, 52062 Aachen


Mondays 21:00-22:00 in Ev. Jugendzentrum Neudorf-West, Gustav-Adolf-Straße 65, 47057 Duisburg

More dates for free dancing in our whatsapp groups or on instagram (@forrodecolonia)

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Forró de Colônia is a non profit association and therefore has no monetary interests in the work that we do. Nevertheless, we have costs – because Forró has its value! There are not only costs for the teachers and DJs, who deserve a retribution for their work, and for rooms, tech equipment, and logistics, but also: Organizational costs that our association has even for free dancing, e.g. our storage, tax consultant, IT, and transactional costs.
The work is done by volunteers (no organizer gets any money), and the costs are paid by our membership fees, donations and entrance fees.

n the past, people were unsure about FdC prices, so we put together this overview. Let us know (Jonathan is our finance guy) if you have questions or want to help us with the finances (getting funds e.g.).
Fact is, we already make our things as cheap as possible and risk (and often make) losses, and noone but the artists and teachers are making money.

Therefore: if you are not an FdC member or paying for our activities (courses or WS before Free Dancing), please consider donating a few euros for our free dancing so we can continue the association’s work! We will have a box for cash donations and you can also as always contribute by card. And of course, you can always become a member. Please help us keep Forró in the region alive and inspired!