So good to have you at our Forró classes! Check out our course system, here are our prices, and below you can find all the schedules and addresses for our classes in all FdC locations.

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Learn Forró in our locations  Cologne, Aachen, Bonn and Duisburg. In the first two weeks of a course block and in our trial classes (Schnupperstunden) you can get to know Forró and our teachers for free. To get the latest information about courses, parties, etc. you can join our WhatsApp group:

!!!!Free Dancing is always Free of Charge!!!!


+++ Join our free introductory Schnupperkurse to get to know Forró. Next dates: 17.4. (Niehler Freiheit, 19:30) or join our Level A course starting 5.5. (for Newcomers and Beginners, discount for students) +++

+++ Next courses 2024: Level B and C Tuesdays; Level A Sundays! More details soon +++

+++ Attention: You can only join a new course block in its first or second class +++


Sundays – Level A and Practice/Training Levels B&C: 05.05.-23.06.

Students (Hochschulsport) can acquire a progress card for this course block for 10€.

19:00 Level A “Mariola” with Carolina

19:00 Practice/Training Levels B&C – registration needed here

20:00 Free dancing for everyone! -22:30

Address: Bürgerhaus Stollwerck, Dreikönigenstraße 23, 50678 Köln


Tuesdays – Levels B and C: 23.04./30.04.-11.06./18.06.24

Registration needed here

++ You may participate in Level B if you have succesfully completed two Level A course blocks or have more than 6 months of regular dance experience.

++ You may only participate in Level C if you got levelled for it in the beginning of the year. The next Step up in Forró event will happen in June/July.

18:30 Level C “Porreta” with Hana and Lukas starting 30.04.

19:30 Practice

20:00 Level B “Juazeiro” with Giselli and Viktor

21:00 Free Dancing for everyone

Address: Tor 28, Machabäerstr. 28, 50668 Köln


Other Forró courses in Cologne:


In Aachen the classes take place on Mondays!

With Lana, Claudius and Jonas, 08.04.-03.06.

6:30pm-7:30pm Level B
7:30pm-8pm Free Dancing
8pm-9pm Level A
from 9pm Free Dancing

Lothringerstr. 23
52062 Aachen

Other Forró courses in Aachen:

Anna: Follower, Choreo, Private class, Wedding dance

Forró Aachen with Junio

Hochschulsport with Susanne und Stephan


Classes and Free Dancing in Bonn Spring 2024:

+++ Attention: You can only join a new course block in its first or second class +++


Fridays 12.4.-19.7. (not on 10.5.):

16:30 Level A with Carolina und Jonathan

afterwards Free Dancing until 18:00

This course is for newcomers and beginners and requires registration at Hochschulsport Bonn using this link – for students and alumni of University Bonn.

Where: RÖSP, Römerstraße 164, 53117 Bonn


Thursdays 25.4.-27.6. (not on 9.5. and 30.5.):

19:00-20:00 Level B with Aline and Lukas
20:00-22:00 Free Dancing / Prática

Freie Waldorfschule (Aula-Foyer)
Stettiner Str. 21
53119 Bonn


In Essen the classes with Luise and Hannah take place on Tuesdays!

02.07.24 – 20.08.24

7:00pm-8:00pm Level B
from 8:00pm Free Dancing

Mehrgenerationenhaus Essen
Kerckhoffstr. 22B
45144 Essen


In Duisburg the classes with Viktor and Isy take place on Mondays.


7:00pm-8:00pm Intermediate
8:00pm-9:15pm Beginners
from 9:15pm Free Dancing

For information about the classes feel free to contact us.