All Events in the FdC region in July 2024:

Schnupperkurse 2.7. and 21.7. in Köln: 19:00! Where: Kennedy-Ufer 2, outdoors (Di 2.7.); Bürgerhaus Stollwerck, room 302 or outdoors (Sun 21.7.).

Special Workshop in Köln, 14.7.

On Sunday, Carolina will give a special workshop on Musicality and Creativity: Feel the music and use it in your dance 🎶🥁🪗♥️
Let’s connect to music and feel how it inspires us in our dance! This workshop requires good Forró basics and knowledge about the strong beat. We will explore your musicality and how you can express yourself in a dance, so you can use it in both simple or complex dances.

🕐When: Sunday, 14.7., 19:00
🚩Where: BH Stollwerck, room 302
🪙How much: 5-10€ (FdC-Non FdC)
👟Bring clean shoes!

Vamos lá 🥰🎶

Past Events

Party & Workshops in Köln

We want to invite you to our next big Concert/Party/Workshops with Ítallo Costa and Trio together with Luisa Conti.

Requirements for the WS:
•⁠ ⁠Intermediated/Advanced: similar to our Level B
•⁠ ⁠Open Level: Some basic understanding of basic steps and simple turn. If you have done some Level A classes with FdC you are good to go 🙂

Ítallo Costa is an accordeonist, singer and composer from Pernambuco, Brazil. He started learning accordeon by the age of 14 and was taught by Mestre Camarao. In 2022 Ítallo won the first place of FENFIT (Itaunas’ Forro Festival) with his first single “Amor Proprio”. In that year he released his first album, “O Forro pra mim é tudo” presenting one of his most acclaimed compositions “Neném você é massa”. In 2024 Ítallo shot his first videoclip for the song “Janaina”, featuring Janayna Pereira. Later this year he will release his second studio album entitled “Ouça com muito carinho” that will also be the name of his next single featuring Santanna, o Cantador.

Communicative and playful dancing, teaching under a philosophy of gender and role equality, teacher Luisa Conti will make sure you improve your dancing technique. She grew up in Mexico, immersed in the Latin social dancing culture and where she experimented with different couple dances. She started dancing Forró in 2013 in Rome, and she has been passionate about it ever since. She started teaching and organising events in 2020 and she is always improving her repertoire and teaching skills in both follower and leader roles. Luisa specializes in Forró Roots and currently she is working in mixing it with other styles.

Felipe Abreu in Köln, 8.5. – Kennedy-Ufer

Roots Workshops with Mari Brasil – Aachen & Köln, 4./5. April

Mari Brasil is coming! THE roots expert with the fast feet 🤩💃
Check her out here on Youtube.
Hope to see you there! Please check and respect the requirements for the workshops.

Choose your price:
1 WS: FdC 9-13€; Non FdC 13-18€
2 WS: FdC 18-24€; Non FdC 24-32€
Free Dancing free for everyone

Party & Workshops in Köln: Os Gonzagas & Getúlio on Tour, Fri, 23.2.

Hello Forrólovers!!!

Our next party with live music is near: Friday, 23.2.!… And it will have a pinch of carnival!!! 🥳🥳 It will be a masquerade party!!! 🦹🦸🏻‍♂️

To brighten up the night, there is a concert with the amaizing musicians from the band Os Gonzagas, on tour from Brazil! Check them out on Spotify here.

Before the party, we will have two workshops with the incredible teacher Getúlio Ramalho “smiling with his eyes”! 🤗

It will be super cool to have you with us! Come, invite your friends and bring your crazy mask! 🎭 🥽

Workshop 1, 19:30 – Samba Open level – how to use Samba elements in Forró

Workshop 2, 20:30 – Forró – Level B – How music influences your dancing

Party 21:30-01:30
Location: Tor 28, Machabäerstraße 28, 50668 Köln


Party: FdC: 15-20€, Non FdC: 20-25€

1 WS: FdC: 9-13€, Non FdC: 13-18€

2 WS: FdC: 18-24€, Non FdC: 24-32€

Forró Training series for Levels B & C in Köln, Tuesdays 20.2., 27.2., 5.3.

Looking for Forrozeirxs and an organized space to practice and improve your repertoire? Come to our Forró Training!
We will start this experiment in a small training series of three trainings:
When: Di/Tue, 20.2., 27.2., 5.3., at 20:00 (during Level A class)
Where: Tor 28, Room Eibe. Machabäerstr. 28, Köln (directly at the street)
Who: Level B and C
Costs: 3-5€ per date to cover the room rent. The exact amount depends on the number of participants.
How: We will do it organized! Check out the description!
Click here for Registration: Until Tue, 13.2. Please only register if you are planning to come, and check your emails around 13.2. for info about payment.

The purpose of this training is to create a space for forrozeiras and forrozeiros wanting to practice according to their own needs, while engaging in productive communication with fellow dancers.


In the first session a framework for selfdirected practice is introduced. Hereby practice will be open in the sense of members getting together in pairs or groups according to their own practice goals. Towards the end of the first session the participants’ needs will be summarized into a ‘training plan’. This training plan helps to keep track of progress in future sessions and will get updated according to current needs.

Want to take part? Then keep in mind what this training will require from you:
– bring patience to get patience:
Here no one will perform at his/her best, everybody comes to practice what is yet to be and what still doesn’t feel good or  smooth. This is the space for it.
– listen openly and express facts:
Meeting each others needs in shared practice will require a compromise that starts by listening to the other’s needs. Communicaton and feedback that foster progress should focus on facts that can be changed.
– proactiveness:
This is no free dancing. People will ask you to dance to pursue their own goals. It is up to you to communicate yours as well or look for someone willing to practice with you  on your  goals.

Rafa Wilker and Festinhas in Bonn, Essen & Köln! 1.-3.2.

Get ready for Rafa Wilker and Festinhas with FdC!

If you don’t know Rafa Wilker yet… meet him! Besides being a wonderful person, he is an amazing dancer and Forró teacher (ex Pé Descalço). Check him out here dancing with Camila Alves, and here is his website.

Choose your price:

Festinha: 3/6€ (FdC/Non FdC)
1 WS: FdC: 9-13€; Non FdC: 13-18€
2 WS: FdC: 18-24€; Non FdC: 24-32€

FdC’s first “Step up in Forró” Event – Levelling for courses in Köln

Levelling and Free Dancing – Let’s celebrate the evolution of the FdC Forrozeirxs!

Please register until Wed, 17.1.: Registration to the “Step up in Forró” Event, 20.1. in Köln

When: 20.1., starting 16:00/18:00 — Where: Tor 28

Who: Everyone who wants to participate in Level B and C classes in Köln, and everyone in the mood for some free dancing.

Free Dancing Silvester

What: low-key Free Dancing, afterwards let’s see the fireworks at the Rhine! Bring anything you need to celebrate. For free, no registration needed.
When: 3 1.12.23, 20:00-23:00
Where: Bürgerhaus Stollwerck, Room 302 (https://maps.app.goo.gl/mkzgYSqrfcZ8oNiR6)
See you! 🎆🍀🐞💃🕺

Party and Workshops in Köln – with Feli&Gustavo and DJ UC, Sat, 2.12.!

Foto: Niklas Möller (www.niklasmoeller.de)

Can’t wait for the workshops with Feli & Gustavo and party with DJ UC!

Choose your price:

FdC member: 6-10€, Non FdC: 11-16€
(get 3€ discount if you visit any Workshop by Feli&Gustavo)

1 WS – FdC member: 9-13€, Non FdC: 13-18€
2 WS – FdC member: 18-24€, Non FdC: 24-32€

Address: Machabäerstr. 28, Köln

Festinha in Essen, Fri 24.11.

FdC Festinha in Essen is back! 🥳💃🕺
19:30: Open Level Workshop on Musicality with Jackson
20:00 Festinha! (until 23:00)
Please donate for Workshop and Festinha (teacher, rent, Gema).

Address: Kerckhoffstraße 22 b, 45144 Essen

Luiz Henrique is back at FdC! Bonn – Köln – Aachen!

Can’t wait to have him back: Luiz Henrique from Pé Descalco (famous Forró school in Brazil), Belo Horizonte!

To avoid overcrowded rooms, you need to register to come to the workshops in Köln and Aachen: https://forms.gle/g2dZQUenFFrxS2P69 Secure your spot by registering until 4.11.!

Choose your price:

1 Workshop – FdC member: 9-13€; Non member: 13-17€

2 Workshops (in one location) – FdC member: 18-24€; Non member: 24-32€

Address Aachen: Papillon, Pontstr. 151, Aachen!

Party with DJ Hongsie and Os Capangas in Köln, Sat, 4.11.!

Os Capangas is the local, Köln based band – we are so happy to have them! And DJ Hongsie from Amsterdam will give us her finest Roots tunes!

Choose your price:
FdC member: 15-20€; Non member: 20-25€
Get a 3€ discount if you have attended any of Hongsie’s Workshops!

Address: Machabäerstr. 28, Köln

Workshops with Hongsie (Amsterdam) in Köln and Aachen, 4.+5.11.

Hongsie is at FdC to share her deep Forró knowledge and enthusiasm with us!

Join us for open level workshop on “Clear Dancing through Body Communication” in both Köln and Aachen, and learn super cool Roots sequences in Köln (Advanced) and Aachen (Intermediate)!

Choose your price:

1 WS – FdC member: 9-13€; 1 WS – Non FdC: 13-17€

2 WS – FdC member: 18-24€; 2 WS – Non FdC: 24-32€

Get a 3€ discount on the Party in Köln if you participate in any of her Workshops!



Köln: Machabäerstr. 28, Köln (Room upstairs!)

Aachen: Goffartstr. 26, Aachen

FdC Forró Weekend with Mel & Dan: Essen, Aachen, Köln! 20.-22.10.

These amazing teachers will be with FdC for 3 days:

  • In Essen – one open level workshop (for everyone who dances a bit), afterwards Festinha for everyone (donations 3-5€)
  • In Aachen – two great workshops, afterwards get the energy from Lis Ferraz at Elisenbrunnen!
  • In Köln – again two workshops, with some free dancing afterwards!


Essen: Mehrgenerationenhaus, Kerckhoffstraße 22 b, 45144 Essen

Aachen: El Corazón, Rehmannstraße 20a, 52066 Aachen

Köln: Bürgerhaus Stollwerck, Dreikönigenstraße 23, 50678 Köln



1 WS: 9-13€ (FdC members), 13-17€ (non FdC)

2 WS: 18-24 (FdC members), 24-32€ (non FdC)


See you there!


Roda de Forró 09.10.: Relax and Dance with Conterrâneos

Join us for an After Festival Get Together with Conterrâneos at Niehler Freiheit! Monday, 09.10., 19:30.

Please support the artists with a donation.

October 2023: 9 days of Forró, Festival parties, and Workshops!

Join us at free dancing (for free), our festival parties (get your ticket here) and Workshops on 20.-22. October in Essen, Köln and Aachen (more Info soon)!

2.10.: 18:45 Intermediate class with Betsy&Gui, 19:45 Free Dancing. Location: Kennedy-Ufer 2, Köln Deutz

3.10.: 18:45 Advanced class with Hana&Lukas, 19:45 Beginners class with Giselli&Carolina, 19:45 Free Dancing. Location: Kennedy-Ufer 2, Köln Deutz

4.10.: 19:30 Free Dancing at Niehler Freiheit, Location: Vogelsanger Str. 385B, 50827 Köln

5.10.: 21:00 Warm up Party at Bürgerhaus Kalk, Kalk-Mülheimer Str. 58, Köln Kalk

6.10.: 21:00 Glam Party (Rose Anniversary) at Bürgerhaus Kalk, Kalk-Mülheimer Str. 58, Köln Kalk

7.10.: 21:00 Neon/White Party at Bürgerhaus Kalk, Kalk-Mülheimer Str. 58, Köln Kalk

8.10.: 21:00 Birthday Party at Bürgerhaus Kalk, Kalk-Mülheimer Str. 58, Köln Kalk

9.10.: 19:30 Roda de Forró with Conterrâneos at Niehler Freiheit, Vogelsanger Str. 385B, 50827 Köln

Festinha in Essen, 22.09.2023

We are back – Friday, 22.09., Forró Festinha in Essen. Bring your friends!

When: 22.09., 19:00 until approx. 23:00

Where: Mehrgenerationenhaus, Kerckhoffstr. 22b, Essen

Recommended Donation: 3-5€

Let’s dance Forró!

Workshop Connection & Body Awareness com Luise & Leonie em Köln, Domingo 30.07

Connection & Body Awareness Workshop
Sunday, 30.7., 18:00-20:00 Uhr
Kennedy Ufer 2, Köln Deutz

The best dances happen when we have a good connection with our partners. But how can we establish that? We want to explore this with you and put a special emphasis on body awareness.

We find that the more we are aware of our own and our partner’s body, the easier we can build connection. The first step for this is having awareness of your own body: your balance, your posture, how it wants to move.

Let’s try this together! We both have experience with this also outside the realms of Forró* and want to share some of that with you.

Open for anyone who has basic Forró knowledge.

Hope to see you there!
Luise & Leonie

*i.e. other (partner) dances, Eurythmy, fascia work, Feldenkrais

PS.: If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! orgateam@forrodecolonia.com

Festinha in Essen, Sexta 21.07

Ca. 19:00-00:00. We recommend a donation of 3-5€ to cover our costs. Adress: Mehrgenerationenhaus, Kerckhoffstr. 22b, 45144 Essen

Free Dancing in Essen, Friday 23.6.

We are back in Essen! Join us for Free Dancing in Essen, on 23.6. starting 19:00.

Bring your friends to get to know Forró!

At 20:00, we will have a trial course – fun for everyone 😉

We recommend a donation of 3-5€ to cover our costs.



Kerckhoffstr. 22b

45144 Essen

Felipe Abreu in Aachen and Cologne!

No registration needed. Join us in Aachen for an extended Workshop of 1,5h, from 18:30 to 20:00!


1 WS: FdC Members: 10-14€; Non FdC: 14-18€

2 WS: FdC Members: 18-24€; Non FdC: 24-32€

Cashless payment!

Enjoy fabulous Luiz Henrique in Köln and Bonn!

We are so happy to have him with us! No registration needed. Cashless payment only.

FdC welcomes Sheila Santos and Aurya Pires: Style&Connection and Roots for you!

Register here for the Workshop day in Aachen – 5€ reduction, limited spaces! 

Party with Live music: Cainã Araújo & Band! Before: Workshop with Tau Macedo, and free Schnupperkurs (Fri, 28.4)

He is back with us, aqui pertinho! Welcome to our Forró evening in Cologne! We start with an intermediate Workshop with the Tau Macedo (20:00), a Schnupperkurs free for everyone with Giselli (21:00), and then it’s time to party! Entrance and drinks only cashless. Can’t wait to dance with you!

Musicality in Aachen: Workshops with Dedé and Party Forró im Hof (Saturday 22.4.)!

We are so glad to cooperate with Forró im Hof, traditional Forró party in Aachen! For our Musicality themed workshops, we invited Dedé and Oksi from Frankfurt to Aachen, to teach us about applying musicality techniques in your dance. The last workshop will be an amazing step for Advanced dancers. Party Forró im Hof and the Schnupperkurs by Carolina&Jan is, as always, donation based. Bring cash for donations and drinks! Workshops are paid by card only (see prices and address below).

Workshop price system: choose the price adequate to your budget! Card payment only.
1 WS: 11-14€; 2 WS: 18-24€; 3 WS: 21-30€
1 WS: 14-19€; 2 WS: 24-33€; 3 WS: 30-40€


Hof 7
52062 Aachen

Roots with Kevinn Costa in Cologne (16.4.) and Duisburg (15.4. + Festinha)

Kevinn is back in the region to bring you your dose of roots! Come to Duisburg for an extensive workshop day AND small party (festinha, donations welcome) on Saturday! The festinha is free for everyone and the location is only 10 minutes by foot from Duisburg central station. And on Sunday, he will roots up Cologne – please bring clean shoes for our location there! Let’s go!


FdC members: 1 WS: 14€; 2 WS: 24€; 3 WS: 30€

Non-FdC: 1 WS: 19€; 2 WS: 34€; 3 WS: 40€

Reduced prices for whoever needs it: -3€ per workshop.

Card payment only, no registration needed!

Welcome Mardilena = Mardio and Milena in Aachen (17.4)!

Can’t wait to have these experienced teacher couple with us in Aachen! They will teach two amazing workshops in our regular space, Raststätte, 10 minutes by foot from Aachen Central Station. Reduced prices for whoever needs it: -3€ per workshop. Card payment only, no registration needed! See you there!

Party and Workshop 04.03. in Köln – with Getúlio and DJ Gringa!

Can’t wait to dance with you at FdC’s first event in 2023!

Forró im Hof – Aachen

A big thank you to the Forró community in Aachen for organizing this regular event! FdC is on board and is doing the trial course this time.

Saturday, 28.01.23

18:00-19:00 Trial course with Carolina and Claudius from Forró de Colônia

19:00-00:00 Party with DJ Yarvy!

Donations are welcome!

Location: Papillon, Pontstr. 151, Aachen

26.11.2022 Thanksgiving Dancing at FdC and Workshops with Anna and Junio

All revenues from this event were donated to the recovery of Brazilian dancer Marina Abib. More Info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QrVVwYc1yw

We gathered 372,96 €! Thank you to the Cologne/NRW Forró and FdC community!

Escape the winter blues at our Forró Thanksgiving Dance! Grab your dancing shoes, we provide music by FdC DJs Paulão and Francisco and cool drinks at Thanksgiving-y prices!

Water: 0,50€

Coke, Beer, Mate: 1€

Also: Forró&Brazil Raffle for all participants! Surprise!

Before the party: Workshops with Anna and Junio from Forró Aachen! We are excited to have them in Cologne!

18:00 Intermediate

19:30 Beginner

Price per Workshop: FdC: 5€, Non-FdC: 10€

Price for party: FdC and Workshop participants: 4€, Non-FdC: 7€

Short course with Carol & Wesley – November in Köln

Carol & Wesley are back in Cologne!

Your chance to see them again after our Festival, or meet them for the first time!
This November, they will give a short course on three Mondays (7., 14., 21.11.).

18:30 Advanced
19:45 Open level – 07.11.: Comfort; 14.11.: Connection; 21.11.: Musicality

1 Level: 7€ (FdC member) / 12€ (Non FdC member)
2 Level: 12€ FdC member) / 20€ (Non FdC member)

FdC Home
Deutz-Mülheimer Str. 117


Dia 22.10. tem Workshops com Rafael Wilker, e dança livre com bar (água, coca cola, cerveja) depois!

18:00 Avançado

19:30 Nível aberto à todos (quem já sabem dançar um pouco): Costa com Costa: Variations!

20:30 Dança livre com bar – para todos, leve seus amigos!


Membros FdC: 1 WS: 10€, 2 WS 15€

Non-FdC: 1WS: 15€, 2 WS 20€

Até lá!