Course system

New FdC Teaching System

We have a new teaching system at Forró de Colônia to take it to the next level! Here you can find all the details about (1.) our FdC course system in general, (2.) the transition period to the new system, (3.) the course contents and also (4.) a FAQ section hopefully answering all your questions around the new system.

We developed this system to have more standardization in FdC teaching, more continuity in our classes, and course groups that work well together. That way, all can have the best experience!

Click here or on the image to download it as a pdf 🙂

1.    The FdC course system (starting 2024)

How to attend classes in general (new aspects are bold)

  • Our course blocks consist of 8 classes in 8 (mostly) consecutive weeks.
  • You pay for one course block (here are our prices).
  • You can only enter a course block during its first 2 weeks (so we can evolve together as a group). Participating only in individual classes is not foreseen.
  • For the course block, you get a progress stamp card for your teacher to record your progress.
  • One progress card is valid for only one specific course block.
  • The progress cards are tied to one role (follower or leader).
  • You may participate in your level and also levels below in your location. Only FdC members can participate in classes of their level and below, in as many additional FdC locations as wanted, during the course block.
  • Find the prices in our price overview (they stayed the same as in 2022/2023, FdC members get reduced prices).
  • Recording your progress in the cards is essential to evolve through the levels.

These are our course levels (new aspects are bold)

  • We have a unique, standardized level system, consisting of Levels A, B and C (C: for now, only in Cologne).
  • Level A has a fixed FdC curriculum and consists of two course blocks (Tareco and Mariola) with varied contents (see contents below).
  • In Level B, the different teachers dive deeper into Forró following FdC Level B goals (see below). Again, there are two course blocks (Juazeiro and Petrolina) with different foci.
  • Level C will provide new concepts to very experienced dancers. Currently only happening in Köln, we look forward to offering it also in other locations!

That’s how you evolve through the levels:

  • Level A is open to anyone (Remember: join only in the first two weeks of a block!).
  • You can enter Level B when you got all the stamps for both Level A progress cards (Tareco and Mariola). For the beginning of 2024 there are some transition rules, see below.
  • To step up to Level C, after collecting topics for at least two Level B cards (from both course blocks Petrolina and Juazeiro), a teacher can recommend to you to participate in the “Step up in Forró” Event, where you will show that you are ready to step up to Level C. The contents to be shown are the concepts from your Level B classes (goals see below). In the beginning of 2024, there are transition rules, see below.


2.    Special rules for transition period beginning of 2024

This was our first “Step up in Forró” Event (20.1.24) – Congratulations to our students for Cologne’s courses Levels B and C – we are so proud of you!

Welcome to the transition period between old and new system! You may wonder which Level is right for you. Check the figure or read this:

  • If you never danced or only danced for less than 6 months regularly inyour dance role, you are probably in Level A. Talk to your FdC teacher if you have questions.
  • It now depends on your location which Level you may join:
  • For Aachen, Duisburg and Bonn, you probably know your Level, or just ask your FdC teacher.
  • For Cologne and its multitude of students, we will have a special “Step up in Forró” Event (20.1.24), where you will have the opportunity to dance with the teachers and get placed in your level! Please register here. If you want to prepare for the event, you can find helpful info in this PDF. Also, we will have a pre-Pre “Step up” Prática (14.1.24), where teachers will be available to practice and answer your questions. If you cannot join the event, you will get your level checked at the first class. Please also register for that here!

3.    FdC Course contents (Levels A and B)

Level A curriculum:

Course block Tareco

  • 1 Embrace and basic steps
  • 2 Abertura and Follower turn
  • 3 Repeated turns and Comfort
  • 4 Body connection and Caminhada
  • 5 Inverted Leader Turn
  • 6 (New topic or review)
  • 7 Sequence
  • 8 Arrastapé

Course block Mariola

  • 1 Basic Steps and Variations
  • 2 Abertura and Transition
  • 3 Simple turns Follower and Leader
  • 4 Body Connection and Facão
  • 5 Musicality: Strong and weak beat
  • 6 Common axis and Pião
  • 7 (New topic or review)
  • 8 Sequence

Level B goals:

Course block Juazeiro

  • Repertoire: Costas com costas, 5 step turns, repique etc.
  • 5 step turn technique and counting
  • Dance technique: posture, connection, alignment of movements
  • Conceptual content: dark side, inverted movements, shared leading etc.
  • Musicality: phrases, different rhythms, instruments etc.
  • Awareness
  • Culture

Course block Petrolina

  • Repertoire: trava, sacadas, giro paulista etc.
  • Dance technique: posture, connection, alignment of movements
  • Conceptual content: dark side, inverted movements, shared leading etc.
  • Musicality: phrases, different rhythms, instruments etc.
  • Awareness
  • Culture


4.    Frequently asked Questions

I don’t know Forró or Forró de Colônia’s classes. Can I try it out?

Getting to know Forró and Forró de Colônia’s classes is easy! For interested people, we regularly offer “Schnupperstunden”, trial classes, where you get an introduction into Forró for free. You can also come to one of our first two classes of a Level A course and try it out for free. You only pay for the course if you come back. Same applies to Level B: Join a course block in the first two weeks for free and only pay if you want to do the whole course. Please let us know via email that you want to come so that our teachers can check your level.

When can I join a course?

At FdC, we have course blocks of 8 weeks. They happen four times a year. You can only join a course block during the first two weeks so we can evolve together as a group. Please visit our homepage to be informed about the course starts and join our whatsapp groups to get all info (write us an email to get access to the whatsapp group of your location). Please remember that you can only join Level C after being recommended to and participating in the “Step up in Forró” Event, which happens twice a year!

I have a stamp card from 2023 with some blank spaces. Can I use it in the new system?

You will get a discount on the new course block card of as much percent as you have blank spaces left. Example: There are 2 (from 8) blank stamp spaces left on your old card. This means you get 25% off the price you would pay for your new card. So, if you wanted to pay 45€ as an FdC member, you get the card for (45*0,75=) 33,75€. This is only possible for the transition period until mid 2024.

What stays the same in this new teaching system?

There is a stamp/progress card and its prices also stay the same (including discounts for FdC members). But their function is rather to record your progress as they are only valid for one course block. What also remains is that you can join lower levels (non FdC members only in their location) in your course block.

What benefits do FdC members get?

FdC members get a reduced price on the course blocks. Also, FdC members can visit additional classes of their level and below in other FdC locations, during the paid course block. Don’t forget to show your progress stamp card to the teacher.

What can I do if I missed a Level A or B class to fill my progress card?

Of course, it can happen that you miss one or two classes of your course block. You still can get your progress recorded on the stamp card after you learned the content, e.g. by:

  • … asking the teacher to show the step quickly for you to practice at home or free dancing / with friends (“homework” style). Then, show it to your teacher to record the progress on the card. Or:
  • … having a (private) class on the same topic. Then, show it to your teacher to record the progress on the card. Or:
  • … as an FdC member, learn the same content at a class in another location and get a progress stamp there. Ask the teachers there when/if the content will be taught.

I learned Forró outside of FdC. How do I know which level is right for me?

Welcome to Forró de Colônia! We are happy to help you find your level. Feel free to write us an email and tell us in which location you want to join our classes. We will then let the teachers know so that you can come a bit earlier to class to check if/that you are ready for Level B. For Level C (for now, only in Köln), there is the “Step up in Forró” Event which you can be recommended for by a teacher. Our teachers are happy to chat about it with you! You can also join our leveling (for Levels B and C) during our first “Step up in Forró” Event (20.1.24), see above.

Where and when are the “Step up in Forró” Events happening?

Since FdC’s base is in Cologne, we do such events in Cologne. The events will happen twice a year, the first one in January (20.1.24), the second one probably in July.