Your contribution to the Forró community

Our association thrives with your engagement!

Apart from fun and community feeling, your engagement can also get you some rewards. Check out our Reward System for Organisators and Helpers!

How does the Reward system for Organizers and Helpers work?

  • You contribute by organizing or helping (see below)
  • You get free entry to the event you contributed to
  • Each event team gets a small remuneration
  • You get stamps by someone from the board (Vorstand)
  • You complete your stamp card by getting 8 stamps:
    Then you can choose a reward (see below)

Examples for your engagement

  • Supporting the Vorstand (Finances, Design, Teaching Orga, …)
  • Planning and organizing events such as parties and workshops (location, schedule, artists communication, travel and transportation arrangements, marketing coordination…)
  • Organizing regular events (free dancing, teaching…)
  • Helping at events (tech, bar, entrance, artists assistance, logistics/transport… minimum of 2h)
  • Hosting artists

ATTENTION: Contributions to Festivals/Marathons are not part of this reward system!

Your reward

When completing a stamp card (8 stamps), you can choose one of these rewards:

  • A stamp card to a course block
  • A private class with one of the FdC teachers
  • Free entry and drinks to an FdC event day (excluding Festival/Marathon)
  • One item of FdC merch: T-Shirt, Pullover, Gym bag, 2x Socks
  • Membership fee for one semester (requirement: formally being or becoming a member)

Let us know if you have further ideas how to be rewarded!


Anyone, FdC member or non FdC member, can contribute.

The stamps are given out by members of the Vorstand, according to this frame:

  • Hosts get 1 stamp per night of hosting
  • Helpers get 1 stamp per event, min. 2 hours of help
  • Organizers get 2 or more stamps, depending on the complexity, scope and scale of the event
  • Participators in an official FdC meeting for orga or networking get 1 stamp
  • Stamps for assisting the Vorstand (Finances, Marketing, Teaching Orga etc.) will be discussed individually

As contributor, you enjoy free entry to the event/occasion you contribute to.

The reward stamp card has to be completed within 1 year after the first stamp.

Forró de Colônia e.V. reserves the right to modify and adjust these guidelines as necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the system.


Thank you for your engagement!

Find all info about the Reward system in this PDF:

FdC Reward System 2024_2