FdC tanzendes Paar

Please keep in mind that you dance Forró very closely with your partner and therefore want to smell good! If you take a shower beforehand, use deodorant, chewing gum and an extra t-shirt for changing everybody will like to dance with you!

You should wear whatever you feel comfortable with. Please bring flat shoes with soles that you can easily turn with. Women: Please don’t wear high heels! You can also dance barefoot or with socks.

No, you just need to bring yourself and some good vibes 😉

Of course! We also offer workshops for beginners. Plus, the parties at night are the perfect opportunity to practice the new steps and get to know a lot of new people.

It’s a long week end full of Forró, good atmosphere, workshops, concerts and dancers from all over Europe and Brazil! During the day you can participate in dance workshops on different levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced) offered by a variety of teachers. And at night you can enjoy Forró parties with live music.

Our Forró de Colônia Festival is one of the biggest in Europe. Every year it takes place on the first week end of October. Don’t miss it!

For more information about out FdC-Festival 2016 click here.

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